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Who we are

Angel Cakes

Angel cakes started when I was 15 years old ; just baking cakes out of the home and for our family gatherings. Everyone never thought I was the one baking the goodies they were so shocked at how much flavor was inside. And so soon after my momma started telling me I had a couple of people wanted me to bake some things and that’s when I made it a business . I started Angel cakes because I love to bake ! I never really measure things I just feel moved in what I’m baking when adding flavor and other ingredients and a lot of my inspiration comes from my Mama (grandma) I come from a family of great bakers so it runs deep . My mission is to stay consistent with my baking in the quality ingredients that I use and make me sure that you taste the spirit of grandmas hands within the desserts . I want to make sure that you know that it’s homemade because things like that are good for the soul